Jeff Cooper is a programmer, networking guy and general computer geek who has been tinkering since the Apple ][ days and doing it for a living on-and-off for decades (fully-on since 1998).

Over the years he's programmed FileMaker, Sybase, Access, SQL, AppleScript, VBScript, Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, JavaScript, HTML, etc. He has set up LANs, routers, servers, VPNs, systems, front-end UIs, web pages, Windows executables, COM components (remember those?) and back-end databases.

Jeff has worked with historians, architects, educators, pharmacists, graphic designers, art galleries, non-profits, manufacturers, niche sales, entertainers and more.

Other not-as-successful (or at least, not as long-lasting) careers include short order cook, fish monger, editorial assistant, actor, writer, production coordinator and supervisor, cameraman, general computer tutor and helper to everyone from teachers to sitcom stars to ice-cream empire heiresses.

Jeff is currently the Information Technology Manager for

King & King Architects, LLP in Syracuse, NY.


If you have any questions about the above, Compudude or Jeff, please email

scooper (AT) compudude (DOT) com

Obviously, turn that into a real email address to send me something. :)

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